PSIPM Uses Tried And Proven Methods To Improve Client's Project Performance

PSIPM Has An Established Track Record In Helping Client's Implement Best Practices

PSIPM Also Provides Other Services Such As Project Auditing, Project Coaching, and Project Mentoring

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PSI Business Solutions' Velocity Tool Flight 

Tools Used To Improve Sales, Operations, And Finance


PSI Project Management has an established and proven track record in:

  • Project Management
  • Implementation of Project Management and Business Processes Best Practices
  • Project Management Training
  • Strategic Business Planning Projects
  • Profitability Improvement Projects
  • Business Growth Projects
  • Productivity Improvement Projects
  • Quality Improvement Projects
  • Business Process Optimization Projects
  • Engineering Optimization Projects
  • New Product Introduction Projects

Uses A Combination Of Tools
Maximize Business Performance
Increase Bottom Line Profits

Project Management:

Project management provides a systematic approach for managing projects from conception through to
completion.  PSIPM uses this approach in all business projects such as  business process improvement, cash flow improvement, business growth, quality improvement, productivity improvement, etc.  

Velocity Optimized Business:

No one specific tool such as lean, six sigma, or TOC satisfies the needs of every business and provides the desired results.  However, using these tools in combination with each other, as shown in the chart,  provides a velocity approach where the business' performance is maximized to the fullest potential.

Sales, Operations, Finance Impact:

PSI uses this approach for all business projects.  It is a proven process with a solid track record that shows significant improvements in all areas of a business' performance.  On-time delivery, communications, quality, throughput, cycle time, and management visibility are all positively impacted.  In some cases, these areas are improved by 100% plus. 

(See Results Charts On "Why Use PSI" Page) 

Customer Impact:

Customers are elated.  They now get their products on time, with high quality, and at the lowest price possible.

ROI Impact: 

Projected ROI of a velocity optimized business is less than 18 months.

Profit Impact:

Projected Profit Increase is 10% or greater.

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